”We were never educated about brain injuries

They have to feed their families. They trying to make a living as well. Gaining as much experience, gaining as much knowledge as you can from your college coaches is probably the best thing. I’m afraid to hope that this might be a turning point, I’ve hoped before. I find it absolutely staggering that a cop can kill a man in broad daylight, in front of witnesses, like he has a fucking right to kill, at whim, for no reason beyond feeling like it, as far as I can tell, knowing he’ll get away with it, and he almost did. And I keep seeing posts on twitter about how America is ‘meant to be a beacon of light’ and shite like that, as if black people have had a life of milk and honey until recently, as if the USA has ever been a fair and decent society for everyone, which it fucking hasn’t, Jesus, it fucking hasn’t.

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wholesale jerseys Now they know he was sick, they know why.” Looking back on all the years on the football field, she’s angry that nothing was ever said about the dangers. The NFL has in recent years begun to take CTE seriously, amending its rules and bequeathing the Bedford VA brain bank $1m to fund its research. ”We were never educated about brain injuries,” Alicia says. wholesale jerseys

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