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oh my god you can see how bad my sunburn is Bon matin tout le monde and welcome to Musings of a Fox

On this very special episode I am taking you with me as I do a hair color change I've had this hair color since January 2018 and I like to change my hair color about two times a year that way my hair doesn't get totally fried by bleaching and that way I don't get bored and shave my head um so today we are off to Revival Barber + Beauty which is the salon of the stylist I've been going to for 14 years This is her salon which is why she is kindly meeting me at 8:30 in the morning when the salon opens at 10:00 Because my hair is going to take about- ooh a tunnel- it's gonna take about 5 hours, 6 hours so I won't let I see what goes into changing your hair color, getting a hair colored like a fantasy color the process a little bit of a decision making as much as I can without creeping Danny out so yes you guys get to see how kind of torture is but beautiful end result so yeah let's go shall we so I haven't refreshed my color since April which is why it's so faded plus I have gone swimming and let the chlorine try and help fade my color for today so like the less color you have the easier time you have bleaching but this purple pinkness is so stubborn like you can see on the ends that they like give it up and surrender the pigment but but this pocket of like fuchsia is like the bane of my hair existence right now it is evil and so we're gonna hope it comes out or I'll cut it off so guys it's a little weird to record my stylist so the plan for the day is to bleach high up to a really high shadow root and to bleach out the purple as best we can we're going to use regular bleach on my old teal and brown and then use a thing called color eraser and hopefully get the stubborn purple out that's really hope it works so while we bleach out the old shadow root and heal my stylist is also applying the Ning shadow at the same time so because my hair is so thick or having to rinse out the bleach in the back where we started at first while we're still processing the front it's a crazy process just go with the flow so we were finally done with all the bleaching and we got all of the purple out and we even got some level 9 in part so I am so excited but these crispy ends will definitely have to go but um I guess you guys I feel like you guys don't really ever see what freshly bleach hair looks like it it's not the most glamorous stage but you know what we're gonna have some color fun I promise that so you guys can see the colors we're going to be putting on this really chair but I'll save the reveal for when I get home all right guys so what do you think welcome to you I'm calling it the toxic mermaid for those of you who are very interested in what the color specifically are my shadow root I cannot tell you this specific color I do know that it is a demi-permanent color I believe from c'mon come on I can never pronounce it and then the teal you see is like my last year it is just pure aquatic from pulp riot the green is a multitude of colors in places where my hair got to what in the stylists world is called a level 9 so a level 10 is a platinum blond which is almost impossible for non blond hair to get to without chemically melting in places where my hair got to a level 9 it is pulp riots area51 mixed with a smidge of Pravana neon green and neon yellow and then in places where my hair only got to level 8 the level 8 is also where the teal is level 8 hair got area 51 plus just Pravana neon green up the neon yellow I wish you guys could see that this hair looks like a glow stick um I think you can see a little bit you can see how like the camera is kind of buzzing around the hair cuz I can't quite handle the light that the hair admits by itself so yeah this this is it I really love my hair I think it looks beautiful it's also my first time having fantasy colored hair that has no pinks oranges or in it there's usually a little bit more feminine colors something that kind of read a little more normal to a lot of people when they see pink hair or purple hair or orange hair they don't go wow that's that's um colored hair um this is not natural no one is gonna think this is normal this is very loud hair and um I think that's one of things I love about it I don't think women have to be traditionally pretty in a soft gentle kind of way I think women deserve to be as loud as anybody else and so this is um me declaring my right to space so I'm pretty ecstatic I know it's so the colors are fresh that it almost looks like a wig to me but I swear it's my real hair you can even see where the dye is transferring on to my forehead so I want to give you guys a few just information on getting your hair dyed fantasy colors and also just a little bit about fantasy upkeep answering some questions that you guys have asked of me um so in terms of this so this as you guys saw was a lot of bleach in me bleach all the way up to wherever you see the teal from I think from down here so that was several inches of bleaching we used a lighter kind of bleach called color eraser from the ends to get that blasted purple out so yeah so all of this hair has been bleached like and enslie and it's all still shiny healthy happy hair there's several factors in that one I have hair that puts up with a lot of crap that is just a look of my jigs my virginal haircare all kinds of factors that I can't set you know I don't know what your hair is so I can't promise that you having the same processes will give you the same kind of hair this hair that you see here has probably been bleached at least three times and then of course because it's grown on my head it's also been through the processes where it's been the espresso shadow brewed at some point in its life so this is probably some of its third if not fourth round of bleaching and my hair is still really healthy and happy it will if you don't keep up a color as you guys saw my hair got really faded as it got really faded I was not putting more color on it and a lot of the guys I use are actually really nourishing and really moisturizing for hair and so not doing that dried out my hair a lot even though I was using hair masks once a week and really trying to take care of it it had kind of come to rely on those nutrients because when you dye your hair and you bleach your first you're stripping its natural nutrients out of it and it kind of needs to die to replenish which is why don't people go just blonde the hair tends to go really crispy and fried because there's nothing you're not giving you anything back in order to maintain that clear lighter color but I do intend to keep this cut up I'm not gonna let it fade like I let the teal and the purple but a lot of that fading was because it wasn't happy with it I don't wanna keep it because I knew I was changing it and if you know you're going to change your color soon the best thing you can do for your stylist and for your hair is not to replenish your color for about two months out that's why we only had to use the color eraser on the purple and not full intense bleach like we did for my roots so that saves your hair a lot of hassle though it does kind of give you that like double it sort of also being drier cuz it doesn't have nutrients but there's lots of things that your stylist can do for your hair to keep it healthy while it goes to the bleaching process so that just because your hair is dry from not having died doesn't mean it won't be able to be bleached and still be healthy hair I'm getting sweaty no cuz it's hot and I turn off my fan for you guys um so let me look at your guys's questions um sorry I just posted my hair on Instagram you guys are being very sweet and excited about it um so that is really wonderful to see while I'm trying to record a video to talk about my hair any questions and a lot of a lot of the same questions is how do I keep my hair so bright and one that's obviously due to when I upkeep my hair i refresh the color about every month at the very least when I had my magenta hair that I loved that woman kept up about every two or three weeks was I really wanted that hence pigmented pink but the best thing I can tell you is when you have colored hair you have to really change a lot of things you do you don't get to wash your hair more than two yeah it would only want C three times you know really good at washing around more than twice a week um it depends though on your hair type I have really oily hair so it is hell do not get to wash my hair so what I do is everything I wash my hair I then give myself a salon blowout blow-dry so that I can get about two to three days of clean shiny looking hair and then I do it all over again um you can't go swimming underwater you guys have seen on my Instagram that I actually let myself go swimming because again I was faking my hair to do this and I got to like put my head under water and is amazing but like it took out huge chunks of color I had weird kind of terrible blonde hair I have her that cool shot of me in the water so that was that was interesting but the main tool that I have which was told to me by my stylist and I think I've showed you guys in other videos before conditioner instead of shampoo your hair unless you're using a ton of styling products and yet if you're just using hairspray doesn't need to be shampooed like your scalp your scalp is lace it needs the shampoo the most not the length of your hair so what I do is I get in the shower I wet everything and when I have multiple colors i weirdly have to hold my hair aloft that way if you have certain colors here's your colors there you don't want them to bleed unfortunately with my magenta and teal hair it didn't matter it aquatic is a bleedy kind of color but it's just kind of a bluey green and because I had magenta that magenta took on some of the bluey green and made it fuchsia because this hair is already a kind of bluey green for a lot of portions there isn't gonna be much bleeding it won't be really visible but the key thing to do is when you wet your hair hold your colored ends out and slather them I mean school a they're like intense amounts not like a nice like pea-sized amount like a good dollop like as much whipped cream as you do on your Frappuccino put that on your hair cover it coat it and then wash your scalp that way when the shampoo drains down your hair and when you're rinsing out your shampooed scalp it will not the sulfates will not get at your color your color will be protected it is a magic trick that is how I can go up to three months in some cases without refreshing I have gone that long and still had vibrant hair for teals and lighter colors like that I'm gonna have to refresh more often because lighter colors like neons are like pastels they need a lot more refreshing than some of the darker colors dark oh you can go months without refreshing as long as you're doing the conditioner technique and not using shampoo more than twice a week but with these pastels you know I'll give you guys an update and let you know how often I'm having to refresh the neon um so we'll kind of call Sokka part one for now I had a spooky way finance you're gonna ask me what color do I use for the teal and magenta hair the teal was pop right aquatic so that's the same as I have in that is a salon level dye but it is always available a lot of like public available soap lot like Beauty Supplies we have one here in the Bay Area called Alameda beast buy and they sell pulp right but the sally be jeans have just started carrying arctic fox which is also a great brand ideal now and then was aquatic and my magenta or what was supposed to be my tent was a bit of I think that was just purely Pravana magenta and though I personally went my like hair my whole head was magenta that was special effects atomic pink with a few dashes of Cherry Bomb but obviously the aquatic took it over and made it fuchsia so if you want that color you have a tiger hair atomic pink and teal and then let it run but so yeah as I said now this is a kwatak area 51 from pulp riot what I'm so excited to have neon green and neon yellow from Pravana they prevent Eames breakage sometimes it's just the genetic lottery but it's also about how you care for your hair in between your bleaching and I cannot stress enough the importance of hair masks I have two favorites I have Brio Gio's don't don't just don't despair repair and also a Cape Eric a keratin pack think is gyorko and those really saved my hair they make my hair so nourished and so soft and it smells so good and yeah so that's really the secret my breakage is hair prep hair mask hair mask hair mask mask so for those who can't do salon the on guys can recommend is go to a salon and have them do the bleaching save up and afford a professional baking because any bleaching you can get at home is going to be bad for your hair it's just a bad idea unless you've gone to cosmetology school like they're professionals for a reason I really believe in the artistry of hairdressers I really don't recommend him hair bleaching at all so yes I was talking with my stylist she recommends going and getting your hair bleached at the salon because their products are so much better for your hair than anything publicly available and then die at home have fun grab pulp rank Antarctic socks and have a wild night dyeing your hair just don't home bleach I beg of you don't do it don't just say just leave that is your thing that you splurge on and yeah and do it that way um I cuz I know dyeing your hair expensive um because of my relation with my stylist I'm not gonna say how much my hair cost because I can't promise that that is a price that everyone would get with my amount of hair I have a lot of hair we were there from 8:30 until 2:00 pm

um so I can't say that the price she gave me is the price you guys would get elsewhere but it is several hundred dollars when I get my hair done even with what I'm pretty sure are generous so I get it um so that's why I recommend spending one hundred hundred fifty to get your hair bleach and then have your own color adventure at home because a bottle of dye is only about 17 dollars though in full disclosure it took six bottles of dye for me to get this like whole entire bottle squeezed out she went back three times to refill the bowls so that kind of gives you now you get one how much hair I have and why the process is so expensive and so intense it was easily hot like a hundred dollars worth of dye on my head but again I have extremely long hair that came in to fit in frame it is incredibly thick as I said in a different video my ponytail is several inches thick so my hair is extreme I am I have the most harrowing client my stylist has so you might spend a lot less because of how much hair you have of your length your thickness and all really depends on time its amount of product they have to use and the amount of time so it's really good to go and get a consultation or again see if you can just get your hair bleach professionally go home looking kinda like a crazy person and then have your own color adventure at home I totally support that acid if you can find a stylist who is willing to cooperate if you guys are curious what shampoos I use I don't use non sulfate shampoos when you have really oily hair it doesn't work non sulfate shampoos mean that they don't have that sudsing action that sulfate shampoos have and means it's really really hard to get out of your hair you have to rinse so hard and so long and I can't seem to do it well enough it really gets stuck at the back of my head and it's greasy and disgusting and I feel awful so I have taken to using my tried-and-true Herbal Essences rose shampoo and again because I like that just on my roots and I use a demi-permanent dye the fading of the demi-permanent isn't as obvious to you guys unless you're like really up like holding my hair to the light then you could see where the difference is but otherwise you never see it in photographs no one would ever notice because demi-permanent fade naturally with your hair so unless you've gone blonde dark you're not really gonna notice I use a regular normal Safeway grocery store shampoo but I'm in the conditioner as well when i slather that conditioner I have the giant bottle of the rose conditioner for that it's just the hair pack so where I spend a little extra to make sure I'm getting high-end hair care to keep up my color um yeah I can't really think of anything else to tell you guys if you have questions though um please leave them down below I promise I will get to every one as best as I can if I don't have the knowledge I probably will recommend you to a salon person because I'm not a hair professional I am just a professional client of a hair salons um so yeah I hope you guys are taking the new colors I think it and I are gonna have a lot of fun together and yeah I'll see you guys next time bye you

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