Summer Skincare Tips | Kiehl’s x Alex Silver-Fagan

Hey guys! It's Alex Silver-Fagan I'm a New York City-based personal trainer and group fitness instructor and here are my five tips and tricks for summer skin

So my first tip is with the Calendula family I use the Calendula mask and I like to put it in the fridge so it's nice and cold and then I put it on my skin and it feels so good I do something similar with the Calendula Toner I also put it in the fridge and then I soak thin cotton pads and put them on my face for about five minutes as I relax and it's so soothing My next trick is with the Midnight Recovery Concentrate

I use this at night right before I go to sleep and any excess that I have I put on my cuticles and my fly-aways because my skin and hair gets really dry in the summer One of my other summer favorites is using the Cactus Mist any little time during the day when I feel like I need a refresher I keep it in my gym bag, after training sessions, or right before I go out and meet friends for dinner I'm a super simple girl when it comes to makeup, but I always make sure I have some color on my lips So I use Butterstick and it also has SPF, which is perfect for the summer

I rarely wear foundation in the summer because I want my skin to breathe But, I still want to glow So, I use Glow It's hydrating and I like to apply it to the high points of my face for that little extra something Subscribe to Kiehl's channel now for more videos like this!

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