Nail Polish Tutorial

– Alright, I am Danielle I am the nail instructor for Boardman here, and also the educator for all five schools for nails

We are going to do a polish change tutorial, so I'm gonna show you some easy steps to take care of a quick polish change First thing we're gonna do is get our acetone and wipe off the oils of the nail, whether they be natural or from lotions So we're just gonna clean off these nail plates, make sure they are nice and dehydrated Make sure you get the sidewalls Mmk, you wanna make sure that you do not touch those nail plates after you have them dehydrated

Next, we are going to take our base coat and roll it to get it mixed Always roll natural polishes Start with the pinkie (mellow jazz music) Make sure you cap off each coat (mellow jazz music) Okay, now we're gonna go into our first coat of polish

Roll once again to get it nice and mixed up, to not have air pockets in there Again, make sure you are capping each coat Now you can always have an orangewood stick available for cleanup as you go Make sure it's not on those sidewalls or on the skin And notice how I'm always using a fulcrum with my pinkie; I'm resting it on there just to give me more stability

Make your polish look a lot neater Now we're gonna go into the coat, always two coats of color (mellow jazz music) Alright, so we got our two coats of polish on Now is the time where you want to make sure that nothing is on the skin and everything is cleaned up, which we are lookin' pretty good If not, you would use your orangewood stick with the acetone and just go around the edges

Just wanna sure my bottle is sealed I'm gonna roll my high-shine topcoat So you put this topcoat on nice and thick This is a final shine Oops, not that thick

But it will seal in that color, and keep that high-gloss shine for the remainder of the time that you have your nails polished Now this is the last coat There is always four coats total, whether it be shellac or gel polish or regular polish It's one base coat, two coats of color, and then a top coat to seal it in You do it that way, you're gonna get the longest wear and the better look

(mellow jazz music) Alright, and then there is your final look Beautiful pink nails for summer

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