Nail Care 101 – Nail Polish Removal

Hi, I'm Kate and welcome to Nailing-It Today I'm going to be starting a brand new series

It's essentially about nail care and the steps of going through doing a manicure Now, originally I was planning on doing just a video and then I started writing down everything that I wanted to talk to you about and it was way too much for one video So, it's going to be step by step and for me, the first step of doing a manicure is always going to be removing the last manicure I'm very rarely ever going to be coming off of regular bare nails And so the first step is removing the nail polish

So that's what I'm talking about today So what I'm going to start with is the nail polish removers that I use Now I am a big fan of Zoya Remove+ This is a low acetone remover and you can buy it in really big bottles like this This is I think 32 fluid ounces and it's more cost effective this way

But obviously this is not the ideal format to use it in So I buy I historically bought a similar product that was a Quo product which is available at your local Shoppers Drug Mart

And essentially what I did is I refilled using this pump It has that nice pump action on it so you can see Essentially you dab on and you can get the nail polish remover out from there

I like this it keeps things not too messy and keeps things tidy I don't knock things over and spread nail polish remover all over my desk Which would not be very good Now you don't have to get Quo you can get any brand that has a bottle like this and can even buy these regular bottles straight from the Internet on any number of websites I'd check Amazon or Ebay or any place where you can buy bulk nail supplies

Born Pretty Store And I'm sure you can get just regular, generic versions of these pump bottles But I really like them You can see I have 100% acetone and I have low acetone remover Now I usually only use the low acetone remover on easy to take off nail polishes

And I prefer, because I go through a lot of nail polish, to use 100% acetone Now that can get really really drying on your skin but it works really fast And I'm kind of impatient so I really like that So, what I do with that is you can buy it in bigger bottles here This is 8 ounces 16 ounces this is from Wal-Mart really cheap

I think it was like 4 bucks for this bottle which is great, but I don't have Wal-Marts near me cause I'm in downtown Toronto so I will often just buy the Quo stuff And if you find acetone really harsh on your skin like I do, there are a couple of tips on ways to make it not quite so bad First of all, it stinks so that's not great The other thing that can help with how harsh it is on your skin is an acetone additive So I have one here from Supernatural Lacquer

I'll try to get this to focus So this is just a little sample bottle You can buy a package of three of these samples which are a quarter of an ounce each for 6 bucks USD on their website which is a really good deal This is aloe and green tea scent and I have melon and cucumber here And what you want to do is a half an ounce of this so two of these together would be enough for a full 8 ounces of acetone

Now if you're like me and you maybe want a little more variety I use this little it's a shot glass You can use a fancy acetone cup I don't have one of those I use a shot glass and just put a couple of drops in there with your acetone when you're doing your clean up or when you're doing your removal and it just kind of scents it

It has some nice essential oils in it and things like jojoba oil which will help protect your cuticles a little bit Now acetone is always going to be really drying on your skin Keep it quick with the acetone But nothing beats it in terms of expediency of removing your nail polish I'm going to have links below of where you can find all of these products including these acetone additives

I love the smell of these So this is aloe and green tea And it just smells so good Now Supernatural Lacquer does a really good thing when they send you these, they send you a reminder that says please don't smell the finished mixture when it's mixed with acetone because that would be a bad idea When you add these in you're just going to want to shake them up until they're completely cloudy, until the oil and the other liquids are emulsified together and then mix it in with your acetone and then shake every time you're going to use it

But I do find that really helps in terms of cutting down Now if you're removing glitter polish or you're soaking off gel nail polish, you can do the tinfoil method I'm sure you're familiar with it, where you're going to take essentially a little piece of cotton ball or swab and you're going to soak it in acetone, put it on your nail like this and then cover it with tinfoil and let it sit Then you can pull off essentially really easily Now I don't like cutting up tin foil so I have these things

These are from Julep released a kit called the Party's Over glitter removal kit and it includes these, which is ten of the little finger cups And I love these

They are reusable I have used them dozens and dozens of times and they always work for me They have the big size for your thumbs so two of these, and then eight of these smaller ones And I just dunk in some acetone, put it on my nail and then slide these over It provides some good pressure and then when I'm removing these

I'm going to press down, and pull off And hopefully this pad will come off and it'll just look like a nail imprint with all of your glitter and nail polish and whatever stuff stuck on it I like that because it helps prevent staining on your cuticles The less you kind of rub around when you're removing nail polish, the less chance you have of staining your cuticles Now this is going to be really drying with acetone if you're removing any kind of gel nail polish and it could also stain your cuticles if you're using or you have a really highly pigmented polish on

So what I like to do before I put this on is put on This is barrier butter Let me turn it right side up

So this is vanilla chai barrier butter from can you read that? There we go! Vanilla chai barrier butter from Cuter Cuticles which is an independent Canadian company And this stuff, everything that Sam makes from Cuter Cuticles smells amazing

So this is great, I just rub it on really carefully around my cuticles before I put on the little pads and then the little nail caps That's a really good way of both preventing staining and protecting your cuticles from the really drying acetone You don't want to like have the acetone sitting on your cuticles for like 15 minutes straight if you can avoid it I like using this I've seen tips online that say to use Vaseline

i think this is just a much better, nicer smelling, feel better way of doing that It essentially creates a barrier between the acetone and your skin So I really like that I have a ton of scents of these Again this is vanilla chai, I have maple french toast, I have a chamomile and lavender one that I use at night that's amazing

I highly recommend using some kind of oil based kind of water repellent product around your nail beds if you're soaking off polish for any reason A couple other quick tips You In terms of replacing and using this kit The kit itself is phenomenal, but the replacement pads are entirely unnecessary You don't need these things A) they're not anything special and B) they're expensive for what you get These are the glitter nail polish removal kit refills

You know they're fine You don't need them Use your acetone infused with an additive and cut up little pads or you can use Some people use just craft felt I'm not a huge fan

I don't think that it absorbs really nicely into the acetone absorbs really nicely into this and I'd rather just cut up a whole bunch of little cotton pads I think they work fine Obviously lint free is, works as well lint free cotton pads work as well But I think those are kind of the essentials when it comes to removing nail polish, preventing staining, and getting it off quick without damaging your cuticles or your nails too much

I really hope that this was in some way informative and again like I said there will be details below on where you can get any of the products that I've mentioned I'm really hoping that you will like the video, comment, share your thoughts on what works well for you when you're removing nail polish and hope that you'll subscribe so that you can get rest of this series

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