My Top 10 Tips for Women’s Spring Fashion & Style, mature over 50

Hey awesome ones today we're just going to warm things up a little bit I'm going to show you my top 10 tips for fashion for spring So let's spring into it! Hey everyonehow about a little window-shopping and maybe even some real shopping for spring and summerlet's go So what I did was I went through the mall I looked at sunglasses,I looked at oh look at those beautiful necklaces, I looked at pursesI really wanted to get this top ten list right and even the shoes So let's get into it let's take a look at the list So my number one item for spring would be, get yourself one of these they're calling them 'statement necklaces' and I found this one and I actually found this first and I would suggest that you find even a necklace first, because I worked the rest of the outfit which I'll show you laterall around this necklace and who isn't pretty in pink anyway, but so when you look at this necklace what you'll find is that it looks like rose gold and actually and maybe even some semi-precious stones, but it's just costume jewelry and you know, I really don't mind the costume jewelry because hey maybe you can get a couple of them and in my hands here if you're going for I don't know if you can see this but if you're going for this is pink if you're trying to go for maybe a more blue kind of look I also found this one I found this one last year actually and again it just it's costume jewelry but it's really really quite beautiful

Okay so the thing about this look also is that you can dress it up for work but you can also wear this with a pair of jeans or I mean the new statement jewelry it's going with almost everything, so there you gothe number one thing I would buy for the spring

start off with a statement necklace So one thing that you're going to notice with the items that I'm showing you is that you could probably match a lot of these things with things that are already existing in your wardrobe right now, so that makes it a little bit easier as well

So my number two item would be Statement Earrings

Now you can see these little statement earrings and actually their costume jewelry again and these ones aren't too heavy I think that if they were real gold they'd be kind of wearing me down a little bit, but these are really quite quite lovely and quite light Now you notice that with a statement necklace and these earrings it actually works, but if I were to have dangle earrings or something the same as the necklace it would just really overpower everything else I'm trying to do and this way I think the earrings are kind of accenting the necklace more than out shining it So my third item would be get something in pink you know everywhere I was looking it just seemed that everything was so pink and I thought wait a second I'm not really a pink person I'm usually going for the lavenders and the blues and the greens, but you know once I put this pink jacket onI really felt like springit just kind of awakened everythingyou know that new life and everything else and this is a very lightweight jacket you could also buy yourself a blouse or something I just paired it with a very thin white blouse underneath and of course some some black pants with it, but this is going to get me oh it's going to get me through spring, it's going to maybe even get me through some of the cooler summer nights and get yourself something in pink be in the pink So my number fourwell how about a beautiful spring purse Again I went for pinkI just love this and of course, awesome over fifty, I had to pick one that said love life on it The thing I like about this purse is again if youit's very small and because it doesn't have a zipper on the inside I just put one of those cosmetic bags in it so that I can make sure that my wallet and everything is tucked in quite nicely there, but I justI just loved the way that thisthis purse was and I gotta apologize though II really tried to find it, I just bought it and I really tried to find it from the store online and I don't know maybe this is a discontinued one or something I couldn't find it but as you know in the first comment of every video now we're putting a link back to our blog and I'll try to find something similar for you and all of the items that I'm showing you I'll try to find something similar and if you do get something from the link, thank you very much for supporting the channel, we really really appreciate that, but find something that's you this was definitely me and my message for really going on a journey to be awesome over 50 I just thought that love life was perfect Now another thing that I love about this purse is it's pretty small and if you have seen the videoI'll put it up there somewhere, of having a smaller purselike why did I lug around a great big purse with all kinds of junk in it for so many years oh my aching net my aching back, so yeah go for a smaller purse in the summertime and that link that I just showed you will really help So the number five item is get yourself a pair of cropped pants Now I'm so proud of Bill Look at this split screen that we have

and these pants are stretchy and also you'll notice that they are shorter and they're supposed to be and alsoI also got them in a white pair, but you know matching kind of the white with the white pants was a little too matchy-,matchy for me so I decided to go with the black ones with thisbut alright we're sticking with that split screen sort of thingso my number six item is get yourself a pair of

I don't even know how to describe them

Okay I'm gonna call them Statement Shoes, but you'll notice that these ones are pink and they go beautifully with my outfit you can also get a pair of really cool blue ones which would be fantastic for blue jeans or you know the whole blue look that you might be putting onalso red shoes, why not Red shoes are really really popular right now and so are metallicso some people are going for the gold So my seventh great item for springI just found thisI absolutely love it

Get yourself a spring-like scarf and I just I love the colors that this one has and it's got a little fringe and that sort of thing and all I did wasthis was a squareI put it into a triangleno sorry I yeah put it into a triangle and then rolled it up and you can see I've got a little bit of a triangle at the back here and then because these were rolled up they they went nicely into a little little knot here I could do it higher if I wanted I could do it lower and hey, guess what? I did a video and I actually showed in the videoI'll put it up there somewhere, 20 different ways to wear scarves so that's gonna help you out a great deal and scarves are the Wardrobe extender, absolutelySo my number 8 tip for spring is get yourself a cool pair of glasses

I don't know if you can see these but these are blue glasses and they're the aviators stylehey they are so coolI can wear them at nightI wear my sunglasses anyway maybe that's not a good idea to wear your sunglasses at night but anyway no I just love these cool blue sunglasses and they've got mirrored ones out there

they even have pink onesyou know I always did want to see the world through rose-colored glasses So we're getting to the end here

My ninth item is

get yourself one of these exercise wrist monitors

Now let me tell you about thisthese are absolutely phenomenalwhen you tap them I don't know if you can see this, but it tells you the time, it tells you how many steps you've taken, not too many so far, it tells you your heart rate, it tells you how many kilometers you've been going and also your exercise, how many basically minutes you've been doing some strenuous exercise and I just love this because first of all if I do my 10,000 steps it vibrates like crazy it says basically congratulations and all these kind of fireworks kind of go on the wrist and it really makes me feel a sense of achievement Now not every day am I going to do 10,000 steps but it reminds me to get up and go so maybe I'm at my desk and I've just got to run down the stairs and up the stairs a couple of times or maybe it's a beautiful day and instead of sitting at my desk having a lunch maybe I'll go out for a walk or something along those lines and have a smoothie at my desk, but it really is fantastic and then after I got it I realized something elsethis particular one and I will link it back in the blog also is in sync with my phone which means that you know when your phone is in your purse, you're not too sure is it meam I ringing this vibrates and it actually sort of tells you who's calling you so

and it also tells you if you have text messages I mean it's all Bluetoothhow great is that I just absolutely love this so as I say there's what it looks like and you can get it in different colors for the bands as well just get yourself one get up and move hey it's spring and summer let's go So my tenth itemhey it's spring it's going to rain so for my number ten item

look downit's gotta be my rain boots and look I even left the mud on them to show you that I'm actually wearing these babies They are so cute these ones I picked with the polka dots and I also picked the ankle ones but you can also get them up to about here, if you want to do some extra splashing around and the thing that I love about these boots now is they really speak to me they really say fun you can get them in red, green, flowers, geometric of course polka dots like what I picked out and they say go jump in some puddles and have some funisn't that what life is all about anyway one of the main things I believe Talking about funit's time for the cuteness factor Hi Hurricane how are you? Yes yes yes and little Hurricane he's getting ready for spring and summer and now he's got his hat on and you might say oh come on Heather that's kind of sillyyou know whatthis hat is actually quite smart because there you gowhen he goes for his walk it flips down and he actually gets his eyes covered a little bit and since we live near watera lot of times we're walking near a beach and that sun is just beating down on him so, Hurricane are you ready for spring now? I think he's

I think he's getting ready for spring and summer and all your walks and everythingwe'll take you for a walk really soon and oh good lots of kisses this dog gives us, but and talking about wonderful thingsyou guys are just so amazing our subscribers, thank you, thank you so much for subscribing and you're really encouraging us, do you know we're doing videos now twice a week Tuesday nights are lifestyle and Friday nights videos are coming out for beauty and fashion and we're so enthusiastic and happy to do this because of the community and if you want to join us and be a subscriber and there's a button down there to join the community come on down, spring on down and join us we'd love to have you part of usso in the meantime keep it awesome and keep a spring in your step we'll see you later Everyone's invited to subscribe and join us on our videos

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