LIVE – The Art, Beauty & Power of Journaling + Best Skin Care Tip + Q&A

Good morning everybody I hope you well in whatever part of the world you are in and it's a wonderful fall day here at least in the Northern Hemisphere, so I'm assuming that our New Zealand, South African and Australian friends are now looking forward to Spring

Anyway today's two subjects are going to be about the art and the beauty and the power of journaling It's been requested so we're going to do that and then work I'm going to talk about fabulous skincare tip that I think many aren't thinking about And then of course we're going to have our Q&A So let's get right out of the chute to

– where are we here OK I'm just

oops little technical difficulty alright – the power and the passion of journaling and how we can use it in our beauty and in our personal life with relationships with our goals with everything And whether you write your goals, or you type them or you do art for your journaling whatever it speaks to you is is the way you want to go to embrace to appreciate so uh let me see now I have the first thing out of the chute is the most updated form of or the most recent form of journaling is called bullet journaling and what that is is all about doing it in a fast track sort of way Now I tend to see it more as kind of like a daytime we know the old fashioned day timers they used to call them fax a fax book or something? And that's great for busy people but my approach that I have found that works for me and has for decades is to take a more more in-depth look at journaling because it is the doorway to creativity and good mental wealth

And they as they say a life worth living is worth recording Now Laura Birdsall asked if we would do this because she said there are studies I read years ago and even many top psychologists didn't know exactly why it works but everyone admitted that journaling does indeed work Perhaps it's about getting in touch with your subconscious a little bit more which isn't accessible necessarily on our day to day busy and modern intrusive lives I think that that's very very true and I you know I'm a huge proponent of it An excellent mental health tip is dedicated to designing a weekly time so that you can set some time aside for yourself like you do for your beauty regimes or whatever – having time to journal – it's like having time for yourself emotionally and mentally with whatever your life is presenting you at that particular point in time

It's a place to write your thoughts your feelings your questions your emotions You get strokes of brilliance – and deal with the dilemmas in your journal Now, you can write it in a book or you can you know do any number of things So with the bullet journal as I said, it's something that is used as a kind of a fast-track way of dealing with journaling So now what a lot of people to do, is they prefer art way that they approach their journaling It's a way – they draw their feelings or you might work with beads or things of that nature or you sew or you do whatever when we're involved in an artistic endeavor somehow there's a connection with another part of ourselves that we don't normally get in touch with as has been stated by our busy busy lives

Now, there's plenty of online help with artful journaling too and Wendy Robinson who's on Facebook with a page called Freedom Journaling – it shows this quite well Now you know again you can use tiny books, big books, single pages pages a big art books whatever you want to do it's trying to figure out what's the best form of journaling for you Now I have to say when I think about a journal and what I had to do when my daughter was living and she was very very ill with her uncontrollable epilepsy – and often times there was emergencies to deal with – so what I did was I created a daily living plan for myself and what that plan did was I worked everything out and how I could work in my own time and she could have her own time but there was still safety built in and then all things that we had to do with shopping and doctors and things of that nature I wrote a daily living plan and at the top of it I said and I gave myself time for each thing The top of that said "this is a flexible structure" so that when disaster or crisis strikes everything goes on hold – you deal with your crisis and then when the dust is clear then you go back to the plan and you pick up where you left off

I found it was an amazing way to be organized and be helpful for both my daughter and myself to have autonomy from each other yet still have a good plan in mind so that's where a daily living plan for your particular circumstances is really vital and I think that the bullet journaling is part of that So I just want to touch base with that now the other thing besides an artful approach is events an events journal It's important why? It's for use in all-round life issues – it's nothing specific So you can either have a separate journal like this for events or you can take a journal and split it into sections that affect you for your life and your circumstances I prefer to have different books for different things

I actually, at this point now in my life, I have a book for my daughter one for my son and one for me I don't, because I'm retired, my life has changed, my journaling habits or needs have changed so I adapt accordingly and what's really good at about an events journal I'm finding for a lot of people too is as aging and graying that's a kind of an event in your life and so how how what happens if you're like you're just new to embracing your gray hair and you're a little bit trepid it about it and you're getting comments and things from people – some are positive, some are some are positive some are negative sometimes a lot are negative and sometimes a lot are positive and sometimes a lot are anything in between anything in between A journal – writing your feelings really helps a lot to understand how you are feeling deep down inside and how to categorize negative comments and put them where they belong so that they don't affect you in a negative way you don't take them on so to speak You let it out of you on paper or art or whatever it is Get it out of you and its there – it makes a world of difference It helps you understand yourself better and what's happening in your world and the direction that your life is taking – so it's a great resource to who you are and how you're living your life – you know how am I living your life you know how am I embracing my gray or or how am i my face is changing that these lines are happening and everything's dropping – excuse me – how you know what am I gonna do but what does that mean am I old now and I'm this and I'm that and that's where you can train yourself to say wait a minute I'm aging yes and I'm getting older yes and I'm looking at all the things that I have accomplished in my life whoops that's not supposed to happen marketing again and sorry about that ladies and with all of those things happening you could be feeling bad about yourself but writing about it and say how can I make the best of what I've got now as I'm going forward and changing how can i how can I do that how does that make me feel or you know why do I feel like I'm an old feeble person as somebody said actually the other day well you know what does that mean exactly? Is that do you feel feeble because of the propaganda in the world about aging or, excuse me, allergy season – or are you feeling old because your body is getting older your face is dropping things are changing you know your your waistline is expanding excuse me you know that sort of thing – all of those things – and they're different for all of us when you write it down and you clarify what it is instead of just letting the stuff go round in your head and not really make any sense clarifying what it is and then asking yourself why is this important? why am i putting so much emphasis on this? Where is it coming from then when you know then you can decide where you want to go with it

Do you want to continue on or do you want to redirect your thinking and redesign your approach to things And that's where the journal really helps to clarify all of that so you know it's it's I just well I can't overstate it enough Now here's another thing that I think is really important and we forget to do often is an appreciations journal because oftentimes in life we're hit with a lot of negative things at different parts in our lives and is equally important we do have things to appreciate and when we write them down they become more solid we you know we and we can either embrace them or we leave them on the page like the negative stuff you leave on the page the good stuff you soak it in and embrace it It's essential to pay attention to the good things in life and the this kind of journal helps you to refocus on the beautiful aspects and your successes And just helps to balance things out

and you know I did for a little while I started this project and I'd sent it to Oprah but you know I was ignored like lots of other times in my life I started this thing with myself called appreciation letters and and once a month I'd write a letter to a friend or a colleague or somebody that had some impact in my life and I'd state 5 things about them that I appreciated I gotta tell you that was the most powerful thing I was doing an I'm vowed to resurrect it Even people you don't get along with well – what was brilliant about it was I had to really dig deep to find something about that person that was positive and that I appreciated that I admired or I respect about them

Like I have to tell you that was one of the most most profound things I've ever done in my life It changes your thinking it changes your attitude and it gives a gift to somebody when they least expected it and especially to somebody where maybe you don't get along so well it it changes the dynamic to a more positive one Anyway appreciations journal is vital and that little journal that picture of a journal that my daughter gave me that probably about 4 years before she passed away and I every time I I write in it I feel like I'm connecting with her so it's it's a great it's a great thing to do to balance your life thing to do to balance your life out Now, next what's an important thing is a Questions Journal The quality of your life is determined by the questions you ask ! Now in this one, free write don't worry about your grammar your spelling you know all that sort of thing just stating your problem in one form of handwriting like if you pitch or your slant is to the right then state the problem to the left or whatever works for you – and if you're typing you can bold it or you can you know a slant it or underline it or whatever works for you then after you've written down the whole problem just kind of center yourself or for a few seconds get stable with yourself, close your eyes and pay attention to the feelings that start to come up within you and write them down in it in a different slant or a different font or whatever it is you're using to express yourself in your journal

I have to tell you you'd be amazed at how much wisdom you have within you, truly You really really do ideas and strokes of brilliance will abound the more you do it like and like at anything if you're having problems with or if you need answers forthis is a great exercise to get to the heart of your concerns or problems more quickly

I have done this, well I guess probably in the last 25 years, I've been doing that I you know when I and especially when I'm having a problem with something when things are going well I don't feel the need and when they aren't that's when I do my questions journal Help, how do I how do I make this better? How do I fix this problem? How do I address it? How do I work with this person or situation? And I have to tell you when I've gone back and reread because I reread my journals – part of my Christmas and New Year holiday regimen now is to over a few days, read my journal from the year – or journals depending on how many I've written in and then I let it ponder I cook it for a few days in the old cauldron you know And then when I set my goals and where I want to go – that sort of thing for the New Year I I have all those things in mind and they help direct me where I want to go and you know in the last few years is just keep on keeping on but that's where my life is now In previous years it was major changes that I had to make in some cases So it becomes a real friend to you and I have to tell you when I've re-read my journal – I've thought – holy cow – where did that come from? Within! because I gave the inner part of me time to express itself

So questions journal is a really good thing to have Now, the other thing that that is I think a really, really good thing to do is to make use of video journaling or audio journaling Now, journaling now they say a picture's worth a 1,000 words – well I I think a video is worth 10-fold that Now, once you've become comfortable with the illumination of the written word, once you feel comfortable with journaling – if you are ready, then it's time to step up the ante and explore an incredibly exciting and revealing world of video or audio journaling Now, there's nothing quite like watching the real you and hearing yourself speak about your innermost feelings, viewpoints, ramblings and imaginings

And once you've recovered from video or audio shock and oh no you know I don't sound like that oh my God – I don't look like that – oh – it takes a while me everybody who's been on video or film for any length of time goes through this – trust me they do So once you recover from it then you start to get used to it and you'll discover the you that others see and hear – your full fantastic beautiful complete real self and all your humaneness This way you can understand if you're let's suppose you're having problems there's a consistent thing that you can't quite figure out it seems to be going awry seeing yourself visually and/or auditorially will help you to understand the way you're presenting yourself to the world and the feedback you're getting Now a video journal is also a fantastic tool for your weight management, for your makeup, for your hair for your wardrobe auditing you know it really is I mean and you've got it on your smartphone I mean we've come so far this is where the digital tools really do make a difference in our lives and it's you know they're there it's smart to make good use of them Now there's a couple of approaches that you can take or you can consider to journaling to

You can go freestyle like just turn it on or just open the book and just go freestyle just whatever is on the top of your head and or you can write out a script of topics you want to talk about – just in bullet point form and that's where the bullet journal comes in handy use it as a diary of record of your life Now, I would recommend however that if you like the idea of video journaling, the other great thing about it is you can leave a video legacy for your for your children your grandchildren or whoever and you could leave a video legacy that's start now and then every year add you know another five or ten minutes to it and until you continue on the discoveries you make in your own life the things that you overcome in your own life can be a wonderful teaching tool and legacy to your loved ones that come behind you so that's another thing that you can do with that now some people on the other hand will feel that oh my I don't I don't want anybody to get a hold of my journal or I I don't want anybody to see the video or whatever because you keep one for your legacy let's say if you decide to do that and one that you write all your your anger and your hate and another one we're trying to look at life in a little bit of a different way you might not want anybody to see any of that – you ready so there's all kinds of ways of encrypting an online what do you call it an online journal or you right your your written journals you can put them in as in a box with a lock and it depends if you live with people or not and your video you can just keep them on those little thumb drives you know and keep them on your keychain or put them in a safe place you know I don't have that problem because I don't have anybody living here anymore there's no one in my life anymore like there was at one point so I don't have a problem with that and I'm also gotten to the point where frankly Scarlett I don't give a damn as Rhett Butler said and Gone with the Wind because I am Who I am and I'm honest and forthright and I if I'm off the queue or off the mark and I can see it I'll be the first to admit it and if an apology is needed I have no problem in doing that and once you get to that point in life it's pretty powerful it truly truly is We all see things we want to improve on or change if we could however many people are reticent to see the gems in themselves because we all have them it's a really good idea to write down your golden nuggets to at you discover one of the things I do in my journal when something hits me like a stroke of brilliance I put down in capital letters in underline "remember this" and then when I go through my journal at the end of the year I've gotta "remember this" journal or file that I log them all on to and it's like if I'm looking for inspiration I go to my own source fascinating isn't it because we and we all have it the trick is unlocking it that's the trick and you know there's there's other things you know that when you want to improve on what can i what what what do you like about yourself you know? write those things down to pat yourself on the back for your accomplishments for your up for your the way you treat people for whatever it is be sure that while you check in about where you're going off-track also check about what you're being really great at Cuz every one of us has both and you know you can you can have a wish list yest if you're 6 foot tall is an example and you really wish you were 5'6" or whatever, you know you have to be realistic about your wishes because when I was younger I swear I was 5 foot 6 when I was in grade you know 9 or 8 even um you know what I so wished I even used to think about you know how could I maybe if I could get an operation and get you know 2 inches cut out of my the lower of my bones or my thighs and they could knit together and then that would make me shorter but that's how a kid thinks and I don't I don't feel bad about it because the hats where I was and writing about myself and getting to know myself better I can accept all those those foibles those idiocy 's those things along with my strokes of brilliance and the good things I do and that's what journaling has done for me If you practice you know I can't stress it strong enough and long enough or often enough that a successful life with healthy direction is a direct result of auditing your present viewpoints and actions

If you practice some of these forms of journaling often enough the activity will become one of your most treasured activities and the best of friends Record however you want to record & enjoy! OK, so that's enough of me rambling on so now we're open for questions Hi Everybody So let's see what we have here ah Rita from Germany greetings and Donna Sarah hi nice to see you and Stephanie Ann lovely to see you too how did they take it how did they take what I'm not sure mrs ten years after if you could just repost your question that would be great Liz Hardy I keep a notebook I'm gonna bring this up here I should be doing that anyway this Hardy I keep a notebook beside my bed to jot down thoughts and leave it alone until the following day works wonders where's my thumb Provo wonderful Lisa that's that's excellent Tori let me see where am I going oh I am going backwards here a good morning Laurie Terrell god bless you all and God bless you and everyone else as well Florida okie let me see we bring you up here here I like the idea of writing once a week sort of a letter to myself maybe I'll try that

excellent excellent and I'll share with you Florida okie um that's what I do is I write once a week I will go to my and I don't know why I do this at this point but somehow it works I go to I'm right across the street from the St Lawrence Market here in Toronto and it's a it's a Tourist area and its really one of our great spots I take my journals after I do a live stream or I've been doing some social media stuff and I go over take my journals I get a coffee and my lunch and I sit there and I write and there's there's music and there's people from all around the world like it's just the busiest place and I picked there to write I don't know why but somehow it works I I will often write in my daughter's journal that I'd have for her and I write and speak to her and I have to tell you for those that are missing loved ones it's one of the most powerful ways to reconnect with them on a spiritual level sorry but well I'm not really sorry it's a it's just the way it feels it's so dynamic and it's it I feel I'm right there with her, so for any of your – the lost people in your life or the people that have passed away that's really good Now why does this happen with all these people around I don't know it just does so I go with what works So I just wanted to to share that with you Lisa Hardy good morning and Linda good morning let's see okay so mm-hmm let's see what Lassiter Lin I do a cross between bullet and event Jenner journaling ah good for you Lassiter yeah that's uh you know I haven't tried the bullet journaling because I'm actually I'm going to in the

there is so there is one where let me see I'm going to I give you the the name are the the I did have it did I did I let it go – oh no if you want to look it up on Google it's Bulletjournalcom B U L L E T J O U R N A L – all one wordcom that is that has a great little video there for you for those who may be interested in that bullet journaling may be more for you because you have a you have a busy lifestyle

OK, so do we have any other questions here and remember for those that will be watching the playback I will post your questions and I I will attend to them in the next livestream OK so it looks like we're we're finished pretty much with journaling I don't see any other questions so now we're going to jump over to the skincare tip well the skincare tip what is it are you ready? Pa da cha – Vaseline – yes Vaseline I have to tell you there's more things you can do with Vaseline then you know then you can imagine Now I have been using Vaseline myself for well God only knows how long but from a perspective of from a beauty perspective let's just take a look at all the things you can do with it from a beauty perspective It removes your eye makeup and waterproof mascara and your long wear lipstick just put a little bit on a cotton pad rub it around, take it off or on a cotton ball or however it works for you

It removes however it works for you it removes and and if you wear waterproof mascara which I don't recommend it removes it the other thing it does – it moisturizes your lips I put some on my cuticles and the nail plate overtime and your hands and it feels and any other dry spots in your body use nightly and it absolutely does heal the skin now for those that are wear than long wear lipstick like I do I take off what I can and then whatever doesn't come off I use the Vaseline and just rub it on you know take it off with a q-tip and then whatever is left on my lips I just push it in with the Vaseline in I never have a problem with dry lips ever ever ever ever ever and my cuticles are always you know they're in great shape because of the Vaseline Now they'll also smooth unruly eyebrows and keep them in place Now I'm going to just put up this listing for you too – and it will keep them in place as well And it's been used in the fashion forward – you know industry they use Vaseline on the sides of the sides of the cheeks to make them a little bit more you know – shiny – almost shall we say and then they shiny almost shall we say and when they were they used to use Vaseline on the eyelid and then put powder over top of it to help add a kind of a sheen to it it's used in all kinds of ways in in the in the film and television industry or the or the fashion industry yes The other thing is it could be used on your boots your shoes your handbags and any other leather or vinyl products that need a bit of polish yeah really it does Now if you have pierced ears for those that don't work like me I where my pierced ear is very much at all I only have studs so sometimes you know how the ear tends to close up put a little bit of Vaseline rub it around on your earlobes and put a little bit of Vaseline on the little stick that goes inside voila goes in great and you can use it for a stuck zipper put a little Vaseline on a stuck zipper and it will really help to to loosen it

Now those are some of the beauty things you can use them for Now other uses for Vaseline it if you've got minor scrapes or burns a Vaseline will help now I mmm that's the burns issue is a little bit different for everybody I'm a strong supporter of using a baking soda and water paste on burns they also use it – Vaseline for your pets paws to help the nails diaper rashes for babies that get them and it helps your split ends with your nails and when your for those that still dye their hair or if you dyeing your eyebrows put a little Vaseline all around and then the dye won't hit you know it's like a perfect protection if you have a ring that's stuck on it will help to get it off and it also helps to keep your razors like do you apply just a little bit of Vaseline onto the blade between uses when it's dry of course and it helps to keep it you know in good shape – and you again used a very little bit on furniture it helps to repel dust on on furniture services and it-it-it makeup stains on your clothes if that happens to you apply a little bit of the vaseline jelly to the stain and then it washes out and it also removes superglue from from the your skin so you know those are are all the uses that you know you can do with them let me get this out of the way with that you can do with Vaseline and to me it's very much like baking soda you know it's there two things in your in your home both from a beauty perspective and from a household perspective So let's see if we have any questions on this Cathy Kitterman let's bring you up here my mom used Vaseline to polish up her leather shoes yes exactly Cathy exactly and Erin let's see I use castor oil for eyebrows – it also helps to grow hair as well which I just pluck out It helps well which I just pluck out it helps dry eyes and blepharitis which I have

yes I totally understand that and and you know there they also say that you know Vaseline also will help to grow your lashes I don't know I don't know I I have to tell you one thing I'm starting to use Vaseline more for makeup remover now to buy I have to tell you because it's just it's it's so good let me see I just got here iron Oh so perhaps you dealt with this not shirring what your question is okay I lost mrs ten years after oh I lost my baby boy didn't get that story ah I'm so sorry mrs ten years after and I can totally identify I would recommend that you try the Tri journaling a journal just for your your for your son and and just see what happens with it it makes a big big big difference for me it does anyway and I certainly hope that it does for you let me see is there any other questions with respect to journaling here let's see or not journaling but um okay Erin for journaling yes I just got here so perhaps you've dealt with this sometimes I have no idea what to say in your journal I understand that I understand that that's where if you just start to write I know it might sound silly and some of the things you start to write about might seem really weird but you know what you'll find that you'll start stuff will start to come out one of the things you can start with is saying how much you appreciate yourself what are your strengths what are the things you appreciate yourself that is surely a good way to get you started let me know if that works for you Aaron and let's see if we have any other questions here mrs ten years after I will thank you excellent excellent good for you that's great well it doesn't look like we have any more questions with respect to the Vaseline tip for your face so I think we should just go to the questions that we have and let me see I have some from first of all what I want to show you though is this is from a Susan said Jackie O'Meara and she says here hi Sharon I want to share my pay it forward with you I have made for little quilts for the neat hue babies at all Children's Hospital in st Petersburg Florida I'll be taking them in this week to donate in honor of your daughter thank you for your make better I'm feeling pretty er than I have in years by using your advice and following principles your efforts in time you took on me are truly appreciated I just want to say publicly thank you Susan this is exactly the whole idea of pay it forward Andrea would have absolutely loved this because she just absolutely loved children and just to reiterate I get my my youtube channel is not monetized in any way I make no money I get no benefit I don't allow I don't do any adverting or anything because I don't believe in that what has become a greed factor and because I'm retired you know I have hot and cold running water I have a bed I have a flat screen I have a computer I have a kitchen I have food I have a lovely surrounding area what more do I need to keep gathering so the whole idea is if you've benefited in any way from this YouTube channel or you make better so whatever I'm simply asking you to pay it forward with your own time your talent are your treasure to a person or group in need in your postage stamp of the world wherever that may be in Andrea's name Andrea Main that's all I'm asking and I just wanted to show Susan's contribution you know and what's beautiful about this is in paying it forward as you all know I'm sure but I guess I just want to Yammer about it for a second

when we pay things forward like this not only do we help others in ways that sometimes we don't even know we also honor ourselves we honor the beauty we have in us to share with others boy I don't know what's going on today but it's like this is kind of like a tearjerker one isn't it but when things are really beautiful it affects me and the two tears of joy gratification and satisfaction and love so when I see these kinds of things and I know I know that how paying it forward like this has a profoundly wonderful effect on those that do so Thank You Susan very much for for your pay it forward OK now we have a question from Stephanie 7674 Sharon I'm still thinking about going back to a pixie cut I felt so good with that haircut and I feel I look better with shorter hair and it was easy to care for what characteristics that one has make them look better with short hair I can't figure it out I would love to have a long hair but I feel it just doesn't look right it's an excellent question do you know Stephanie Ann I would go for a pixie cut if I felt I suited it because you know well for a change for one thing and it's just you know it it can be easy to but the reason I don't is because I have very thinning hair now a lot of women past the age of 45 their hair will start to thin out and it thins out on top so for a pixie cut depending on the style you have if your hair is thin it's not going to work quite as well unless you perhaps get a topper now toppers come in all sizes lengths and everything these days we have really moved along well with toppers and I really like the synthetic heat friendly toppers that they have have come on the market in the last little while because they are they stay in shape no matter what and you can steam them into a different shape but when you shampoo them they'll go back to the original state that you got them in so using a topper is helpful now there's such a variety of pixie cuts if you here's another thing with short words with thinning hair for a pixie cut if you want to bring it forward and I'm all about with pixie cuts hairspray or I'm not a big fan of pomade cuz it gets dirty fast but if you wash your hair every day well then that's different but using your fingers as combs because fingers are a wonderful texture creator and with pixie cuts textures really really I think more attractive than not and especially as we age having the softness that texture brings to our faces is a good thing to explore for you now I've seen your hair at Stephanie an and I I gotta tell you I have hair Envy Stephanie and his beautiful soft curls and the last cut I saw she had it bobbed at the back and long in the front ah fabulous I think that's your best I would maybe instead of going pixie try going shorter with what you have see how you like it and see if that solves your problems and if not go back to it but leaving the bangs long because it suits you and see if you like it and if not it will grow back in as you're aware so I hope that that answers your question Stephanie next we have Roxanne I'm having problems with severe lengthwise ridges in my nails my thumbnail actually splits I'm 58 Roxanne, you're not alone the thing is with nails it's all about what's on the inside – how much water do you drink how much high water content food do you eat do you do you take good care of your nails do you cover your nails with like gloves when you're doing any household chores or have you know doing your dishes doing your dishes is a big thing keeping your nails covered is important making sure you use the Vaseline try this try this for a couple of weeks and see what you think around your cuticles every night because that's where the nail grows out of and cover your nail with the Vaseline see if that works and depending how difficult it is then you may have to see see a manicurist and ask them to to give you a critique of what they would suggest for your nails okay I hope that helps so let's see if we had any more questions yes that question was from a few weeks ago yes it was uh oh well anyway other people may benefit from it Stephanie Ann okay let's see let me see Tantra I can't pronounce her name sorry hello this is marina rain central Texas the best way to help ourselves and feel better is to step outside our comfort zone and help someone else without the need for personal affirmation yes that's a good a very good practice to get into doing that even if you dis we go can you imagine imagine if everybody in the world did one kind thing a week we could change everything at least in my world we could thank you that's very true and let me see what else have we got here that question was from of you okay let me see Kathy KITT I use Sandra Sandra merkins merkerson sorry I use Vaseline on my face all the time I'm 68 years and have good skin Bravo and from your profile picture that looks to be exactly right thank you for sharing that Lauri Tyrell let's see you are beautiful inside oh well thank you Laurie that's very kind of you let me see okay Erin says I have the same vertical lines and splitting I've been told by alternative experts it is adrenal and iron silica potassium out of whack well thank you Erin that's then that it then that's something to explore for sure you know again depending on how severe it is like I have one nail that has some ridges on it and I just buff it down and you know and I do my own what do you call it maybe some caffeine will help what's it called? CND makes it Shellac that's the word and I do my own shellac and I keep my nails short just because but what I'll and I keep them natural just because it's a lot easier so but but with that one nail I make sure that I like when I when I take it off I might put some vaseline on it for a little bit and you know just just take good care of it but if it's worse than that then then get it checked out by your doctor and see see what how that will help anyway it doesn't look like we have any more questions so oh we do okay let's take a look here Sandra merkerson I had a brain bleed at 49 when on disability as soon as I got better I started volunteering at a local hospital that was 10 years ago I have always worked and paid my way Bravo bravo Bravo good for you yep you know all the things that we can do it's it's it's amazing if we if we just step up to the plate now you know if you have any other questions for those watching the playback I'll make sure to – let me see where am I going here wait a second wait a second okay why can't never mind if we if you have any other questions put them in they put them in the the comment section below the video afterwards and I go through them and I make sure I will drag the questions out as Stephanie and notice and hope and we'll do them either in the next live stream or the live stream after ok so and if if so let me see I'm having a little bit of trouble here I don't know why why am I having trouble? this is interesting? I'm trying to get out of this page and I can't I don't know why that is seems to me I may be a little bit stuck but I wanted to bring up our quote and it's not letting me do it so let me see if I can't then I'm simply going to have to and I'm trying to even to go to another page and it's not letting me so you know what gang I'm going to leave it here I'll save the quote for the next time and just remember that you know to to if you're looking for a pay what do they call it what do I call it a pay it forward make better you can get those on either my Sharon Danley Beauty page or the my the other Facebook page on going gray and loving it and you know remember to please like share and subscribe because you know algorithms and I'm not monetized so your help that way is helpful anyway it was a pleasure seeing you and having a this little chat and well in two weeks time I will be back and yeah be back with a live stream in two weeks live at 11 and next week on Friday I will be posting a video not really sure what it's going to be about yet there's a couple of irons in the fire with hair and makeup and I guess what's whatever I get edited best In the meantime have a wonderful balance of the day Take good care of yourself and your loved ones And if you can think about doing one good thing for somebody somewhere that would be wonderful Thank you so much ladies as always, it's a pleasure

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