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Hello, I'm Christel Lundqvist colorist for 22 years, largely at TIGI For this launch of the TIGI Copyright product range, in addition to our fantastic range of pro colorings, I present you with three of its most exciting elements, exclusive custom care boosters

There are three: shine, smoothing and repair, all compatible with each other and with the colorations SHINE Each booster is enriched with active ingredients Cassia leaf and coconut oil for shine booster A single use of these oils with super gloss properties, confers, movement, bright color and shiny and bright reflections SMOOTH The smoothing booster is enriched with 18MEA oils and bamboo extract

These natural materials combine and, sealed inside the fiber, provide extra hydration for a more beautiful and healthy hair, less brittle, with less frizz and twice as smooth REPAIR Our repair booster works wonders by reinjecting to the hair the equivalent of keratin lost in 7 days in one use Our keratin complex penetrates the hair's cortex at the cellular level, and rebuild it from the inside for more elasticity, less frizz and 95% less brittle hair I will show you how to use them in the living room, as an additional benefit, but also how to help your clients pamper their hair at home HAIR CONSULTATION Evaluate the type of hair and the expectations of the client

I like doing a test on a wick to evaluate the elasticity, and comb the hair into sections to get a good idea of ​​our starting point Start by asking the client what she thinks about her hair, if it has specific problems or expectations, for example in relation to his lifestyle, this thorough evaluation helps you to identify two or three points to target I am with Gemma today and I see that her hair is dry, frizzy and quite sensitive I conclude that she needs color care boosted in smoothing and shine to perfect its look So I will start with a color care shampoo

PERSONALIZED CARE The client's hair is ready for care In our three options, choose the boosters who will transform the client's hair As I said, Gemma has frizz and dry ends I will mix our boosters smoothing and shine It is very simple

Just put some basic care in a bowl and add six booster pump pressures in all I'm going to use three smoothing booster pressures and three of shine booster They are compatible with each other and mix quickly and easily Apply evenly to the ends starting at about 5 cm from the roots Leave for five minutes and rinse

THE RESULT With this personalized treatment, her hair is beautiful and healthy, in perfect condition to be styled I recommend it continue to use shampoo and color care in addition to the smoothing booster that she can mix at home with her color care This ritual will allow him to recreate this look and keep soft, smooth hair between two appointments MORE THAN A PERSONALIZED COLORATION LEARN MORE ABOUT TIGICOPYRIGHTCOM

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