Introducing Beauty School Knockout

– I'm Vanessa Lachey and this is Beauty School Knockout (upbeat music) It's a makeup competition

They have 30 minutes Each episode has a theme The '80s Emojis Super hero

Galactic Say hello to my judge, Anton Khachaturian Three, two, one, let's go Makeup professionals, moms, influencers, creators, and artists compete to win the golden lipstick There's makeup and a bag full of surprises, which are not necessarily makeup

Use the stuff in the bag to create the look It's harder than it looks What is happening? – Oh my god, what did I do? – Just saying no pressure, but pressure – I'm here for you, to comfort you – Keep talking to that mirror

– Oh my god – Brushes down, time's up It's a knockout (upbeat music)

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