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– Hey everyone, Kayley here Today we are trying out products that Instagram made me buy

Now obviously, Instagram has ads in your feed, as you're scrolling through, or you can have sponsored content from somebody that you follow that pops up I decided to count both of those as things that Instagram made me buy So here's what we're going to be going through today Coco & Eve, Ouai Rose Oil, a gadget called the Pony Popper, and temporary spray color that's supposed to show up on dark hair And we're just gonna see which, if any of these, work and I'm gonna take you along with me

So let's go Our first product is Coco & Eve, and I'm loving that it matches everything right now like this is perfect Now Coco & Eve has a video that has been making the rounds, and a lot of you guys have sent me the video and asked me to review the product Venturing onto their website, they claim that this is a super nourishing coconut and fig hair mask with five benefits It restores try and damaged hair, improves hair texture and shine, hydrates and deeply conditions, treats split ends and tames frizz, and transforms your hair in only 10 minutes

So for all those benefits, they are charging $45 and you get the mask, free shipping, and a little Tangle Teezer type brush This brush was a lot smaller than expected for me, and it did work on my hair though I think that for very thick hair, it might not quite be enough But then let's get to the actual product which I have used Everything else here, I'm gonna be trying out for the first time, but just to keep this video moving I figured I might as well try it first and you know In order to show you guys the results, I used it today, so you can see my hair is left very shiny

I only have leave-in conditioner in after the mask And my hair is very shiny, and it feels very silky I daresay it feels like a virgin And one thing that I really noticed when I first used it, is that my hair has been extremely tangly I had just gotten my highlights touched up and my hair is always tangly after that

And then I used this, and the tangles were like zilch, nada, everything was good My hairbrush was going through my hair like normal, and that was so rewarding to me because anytime my hair gets tangly, I get stressed about breakage, and you know, then there's frizz, and then that (mumbles), just all the stuff you don't want So that was a really great result for me and I have been using other masks without getting that result So that was score one for Coco & Eve in my book I really didn't want to like it 'cause I felt like it was so gimmicky

You know everything was so beautiful and all that It just felt like I was buying the theme I wasn't necessarily buying a great product, but then as soon as the product was actually good I was shook So I definitely really like it My biggest qualms are the price point, and the fact that you always have to buy it with the brush

I'm also a little salty about the price because my other favorite masks, the Briogeo Don't Despair Repair mask, and the Living Proof restore mask are cheaper And especially the Briogeo one has better ingredients If you're okay with the price point, and you like what I said about the product, it's definitely a good buy, like it's a good product, and I think you guys will really love it I just think that there are other ones that are less expensive, that can perform better in some ways, and so that's just that's my nuanced, rounded opinion on that Coco & Eve great product, other products also good and less money

So whichever way you wanna buy, go that way My next one is the Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil The ad was specifically for this giant-sized bottle This was I think $70, maybe $60, but I think it was $70 Very expensive, but for the price per ounce, it was a lot less expensive than buying the smaller size

That's how I justified it It did come in its own little curated box It came with a pump It had some stickers, a little poster It was also very aesthetic

The only negative is that it leaked in the box a little bit, so I have some rippling right here which kind of takes away from the look of the bottle as it sits on my vanity, and that makes me a little sad But that being said, I've never actually smelled their rose products, like I know they came out with the Rose Hair and Body Oil a long time ago, never smelled it So I wanna see Okay So I was expecting straight floral, like old lady floral, that is not what this is

It's actually got some fruit notes in there It's almost like Rosé meets rose, and I really, really, really like this All right so I think it's time to try out the product, yeah? We're just gonna squirt a little in here Ooh, okay a lot comes out All right, that's too much for my hair

My hair will look like a grease ball, so let's just try it on my body first Oh, that feels very oily Like between my fingers it feels very light, but rubbing it on my shoulders right here feels like I'm rubbing on straight-up baby oil So given that this is kind of a potent oil, as I can tell from putting it on my shoulders, I'm just going to put the residual on my hair because I have fine hair, so if I put a lot of oil on like that's gonna be it for this video I'm just gonna have stringy hair

Oh my gosh, guys There was literally just residual on my hands and it made my hair look like this One thing I have learned, when my hair is a little bit over-oiled like this, is that heat styling can sometimes help 'cause it burns off the oil, but then the oil also helps to protect your hair so it's kind of a win-win So I'm just gonna curl my hair slightly, I guess Okay, I had to go off-camera to do some emergency triage

I actually physically sprayed dry shampoo in my hair to try and fix it absorb some of the oil, and then I used a bunch of texturizing spray, and I feel like now it looks mostly normal That was touch and go for a minute there But as far as my skin goes, it feels very moisturized and very soft, like, like a baby's butt So on my skin, I really like it On my hair, probably only when it's wet, or never at all

I do think that if you have thicker hair, curly hair, coarse hair, you would get on better because then your hair can take a little bit more oil than my super fine hair can That's just the way it goes Comment down below if you have tried either the original hair oil or the rose one, and let me know if you like it on your hair, and what hair type you have Because that could be very helpful for me and everybody else Okay, let's keep goin'

This next one, I didn't see an in-feed ad for, but I did see some sponsored posts for it And it is called the Pony Popper I found this through Behind The Chair It comes in this cute, little packaging that looks like it's meant to be hung up and displayed And then inside, we've got this piece of clear plastic

And essentially the idea is that you create a little, tiny ponytail, clip this into the base of it, and then put more hair around it, and it makes your hair look extra thick As you guys could probably guess from my obsession with volume, and my most popular video of all time, my five-minute ponytail routine, I like perky ponytails, and I like thick ponytails So this product is exactly the kinda thing that I would love So that being said, let's test it out (relaxing music) All right, I've got my micro-ponytail in

It does not have to be that small I just want to make sure I have enough hair to cover this whole thing, so I'm just being conservative (plastic clicks) Well that was easy, and it feels really secure And now we pull all the rest of the hair into a ponytail, and secure it with an elastic All right, now I'm just, I haven't looked at it yet, but I'm gonna arrange everything to try to make sure that it looks super thick

I have now turned my phone into a monitor, so I can see the back of my head when I turn around Let's see how this looks What? What? That is my ideal ponytail! So like in here, is the one doin' all the work and then out here, this looks beautiful! Are you kidding me? You have no idea, this is normally like two ponytails, and claw clips, and teasing, and prayer, to make it look like this It is like aggressively full though, right? Like I feel, for my hair texture, it looks, maybe it's just like based on what I'm used to but it does look aggressively full So that's the low ponytail version which I feel like is the easy version

Let's see what it's like with a high ponytail Hey oh, oh, that's cute Okay, I like it for sure Like I love that the base looks thicker It just helps to create this pretty arc

I do think that you could still have a little less hair than me, and still be able to use it But I think if you have very thin hair, it might be a little harder to cover the whole thing I'd love to see this company come out with more sizes, like maybe a petite one, so you could use it for half updos which would be really cool But it would also work really well for those of you with you know, thinner hair I love it

I love the volume, but you know just, I think more options That's the only thing I want is like more options which I think is a really good thing So yes, definitely recommend, definitely really, really like it Definitely will continue to play around with it Also, if I see people ripping this off, and trying to sell it in drugstores and stuff, I'ma be mad

Like whoever came up with this is brilliant, and I hope they experience all the success from this that they deserve (snaps) And now on to our final product, temporary color spray that's supposed to work even on dark hair For this I'm gonna be using my dark brunette wig for a little bit of help in testing this out I'm actually also gonna put on an old T-shirt just in case I don't wanna get my pretty dress ruined by pink and purple hair color

Well, this is a transformation So these are the Hush Prism temporary hair colors These are new at Sephora, so I'm pretty sure I saw it through Sephora's Instagram And then I'm also pretty sure I saw it on Lipstick and Curls, which is when I was first sucked in because she has dark hair, she used this, it showed up I'm excited to try

So we have both Amethyst Haze and Malibu Pink I think I'm gonna try one on one side, and one on the other, and we will see how this goes Oh You know this is pink, but it's definitely showing up purple on the hair Looking at my fingers, I can see that it's pink with purple reflects, so that probably makes sense as to why it looks purple on the hair because mostly you're just seeing the reflects

I'm interested to see what purple looks like So the base on this one is a lot darker Like it looks almost black, and then it has a shiny, pinkish-purple reflect to it And hah, this is why we wear the T-shirt This side showed up way better than this side, like there's a faint hue to it, but it's not much

This side is super pretty And I really love that it has shimmer in the color 'cause it doesn't end up looking like a super waxy, super matte like your hair looks like straw, but there's some color to it It actually looks like hair It's pretty shiny, and pretty, and I think as far as a spray-in color goes, this looks really nice It's not the color I thought it would be, but it looks really nice

Now, L'Oreal sent me the Colorista spray-ins which you guys have been asking me to test That might be a whole 'nother video, but I thought I would test their pink spray on this side, just to compare what the two do because this one's like a drugstore option and this one is a little bit more high end Oh wow! Holy cow! That's a lot more pigmented But you can tell it's super-duper matte Like it looks like chalk on my fingers almost

This is pretty, friggin' texturized If I was to wear this all day, it would be a big tangly mess It's also really coming off on my hands, as opposed to this one, which is really touchable Like now comparing the two sides, this feels like there's nothing in it And while there is still some transfer, it's significantly less

I also really love the shine on this side 'cause whenever I catch it in the mirror it actually looks kinda real, because it has that shine to it So even though the color isn't as pigmented, it looks so much better Whereas, this looks a little bit costume-y, and a little bit gunky Definitely, just in general, wanna play around with more of these colors, 'cause this is the best feeling spray-on color I've ever tried Now I'm back to my normal state

We tried some really good things, and some really not great things today I would say Coco & Eve was a winner Just remember that you can buy really good things that are similar, a little bit less expensive The Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil Uh, like it almost ruined my hair today, so I wanna be a little bit mad at it, but my skin feels so soft

And I really love the scent, so I think I'm gonna use it again, but just for my body I don't think I'm gonna use it on my hair Then we have the Pony Popper which I love I think I need to buy another one just so I have a back-up I'm in love with it

I want more sizes I want, I just want more I really, really love it I'm gonna keep playing around with it, but overall, really loved it, really recommend, thought it was great And then finally the Prism hair color, I really liked it

Especially that light pink color, I thought it was beautiful on dark hair Came out purple, good thing to know But if I had brunette hair, and I wanted to play around with a color for whatever reason, that would be the one I would go for So I did really like it It's a little pricey, but I think as far as like a spray-in, temporary color, it was fantastic

And yeah, that's it for today Be sure to let me know in the comments down below, what you want me to try and do next And hit that like button if you enjoyed today's video And that is it for today I will see you guys next Wednesday with my next one

Mwah, bye Pony Popper, Pony Popper, Pony Pop Pony Popper, Pony Pop, nope Pony Popper, Pony Pop (groans) Okay, one more time

Pony Popper, Pony Popper, Pony Popper, Pony Popleh You can obtain your own Pony (chuckles) You can obtain your own Pony Popper (laughs) (squawks) Pardon me while I grab a coffee cup and twinkle lights to take a Tumblr photo ♪ I will get through ♪

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