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Hey guys This is Mi-Anne and this is Beauty With Mi

If you guys are long time viewers of the show, which I sincerely hope you are, if you haven’t please subscribe below, then you may know that I’m obsessed with other people’s routines Whether it’s learning how to get Glossier Skin from the makeup artist who creates it, or learning Marilyn Monroe’s beauty routine at the height of her fame So, when I got the chance to tap model Lindsay Ellingson’s travel makeup and skin care routine, I obviously jumped on the chance to do so Not only is Lindsay a famous model who’s modeled for amazing brands like Dior, Chanel, Victoria’s Secret, but she’s also the co-founder of a beauty brand It’s called Wander Beauty, so she knows a thing or two about keeping her skin and her face in tip-top shape

I got to visit her in her Brooklyn home, and she showed me her routine from start to finish, all of which she does on the plane in her seat wedged next to some random stranger And then I got to try it myself Hey guys So, I am here with Lindsay Ellingson And she is going to show me her entire travel skincare and makeup routine

I kind of take that time in flight as like a spa treatment So, the first step is always cleansing Bioderma Crealine, which I’m sure so many of you guys know, is just amazing because it’s like water It’s so gentle on your skin, but it really takes off all traces of makeup, even waterproof makeup If I’m on a really long flight, I keep cleansing every few hours because the air is- Really!? recirculated

And so, if you think about that I don’t even wanna think about it And then you see what’s on the pad after even you cleanse, and do this whole routine You’re gonna wanna do this more and more on the flight And then you would do the entire routine again? Yeah

Oh, man So, if you’re like flying to Asia, you would do it like 3 or 4 times? Yeah Oof The serum that I’ve been really loving lately is I-Pekar It has CBD Oil

And CBD Oil is known to be a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient Really calms your skin It reduces redness The moisturizer that I really, really love is Tidal by Sunday Riley You only need a little bit

It does have these like really potent ingredients that really hydrate your skin So, next step in skincare is Glow Ahead Face Oil So, when you are on the flight, and the environment is just so dry, when you put oil on it’s really gonna lock in the moisture It’s gonna protect your skin, and you’re also getting the benefit of all those antioxidants, which are so good for your skin So, next step, and this is where we can start to really look kind of crazy on the flight, so get ready for this, is our Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks

So, you wanna apply them with the gold foil facing out It’s gonna gently warm the skin underneath the masks and when your skin is warm, just like when you step out of the shower, you can actually absorb moisture better I think I saw on your Instagram you took a cute, little selfie when you were in the plane using these, and I was like, “That’s luxury” While this is absorbing, I like to take my Gua Sha tool…? I don’t know I don’t know if I say it right either

I say Gua Sha, but like, I don’t know if that’s the actual pronunciation Let us know in the comments This really cool tool that I found on Amazon I just know from my facialist that it’s important to massage your skin, and to go in the direction of your lymphatic system And you start from your neck, so you go like here

Then you can start at your jar line And just kinda do really gentle strokes Once you’re done massaging your neck, and your lower face, it’s gonna be about time to take your masks off, so you can like take them off Wake up your eyes even a little bit more And then it helps to like depuff and make you look more fresh when you land

This is really like getting a facial on the plane I always travel with my Slip Eye Mask You know those, those- Haha To be honest, like we can use all the skincare and makeup in the world, but there’s nothing like a really good sleep It feels like an eye pillow

So, before I land I always do a beauty routine that consists of like brows, lashes, just the essentials Just to really like make me feel good, look pretty, and just ready to go This is our Frame Your Face Micro Brow Pencil and what I love about this is that you have this micro tip, which is automatic, but it really helps you to mimic the shape of hair for the most natural yet enhanced looks If I walk out of the house, and I had to choose one product to put on my face it would literally be- It’s eyebrows? my brows What is the craziest makeup look you’ve ever had to wear for a show or for a campaign? Oh my god haha

Umm, there’s been many, but Christian Dior We always had really like crazy makeup, like glitter, cat eye I mean contoured, like I didn’t look like the same person Yeah? It was so much And that’s really where I learned all of my makeup tips and tricks is those makeup artists, like I sat in the makeup chair for thousands of hours over the years

I’ve done hundreds of fashion shows, and I learned a lot of amazing backstage beauty tips and tricks from that Yeah And have so much respect for their talent One of my favorite complexion items at Wander Beauty is our Dualist Matte and Illuminating Concealer So, we have matte stick on this side, really hydrating and creamy, but so full coverage matte

This is great for your blemishes This is great for the outside of your face So, this is what’s really cool And this is a great trick So, put one or two drops of Glow Ahead, mix it into the Dualist Matte Concealer, and now you’ve transformed this into a tinted face oil, which is incredible

Ooooooo So, you get really nice dewy finish Nothing greasy and add a nice like, warmth and glow to your skin Now that we’re done with the stick side, we can go to the liquid to add a little brightness and glow to the center of our faces So, I like to just apply directly from the doe foot and dot

I do like, one, two, three, four Alright, and then just blend with the fingers? Yeah Blend with the fingers again, tapping motions This is our Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara This mascara is gonna hold the curl and it’s not gonna flake or smudge

Oof It’s really incredible The formula is kind of more in the dry side, which is nice for building up Okay, so I think this eye is done, so you can see like- Woah! Before and after Alright, so the next step is On-the-Glow Blush and Illuminator

So, I always start with the blush formula and just smile and pop a little bit on the apple of your cheeks And then I like to blend into the apples of my cheeks and up along my cheekbones to give me a natural contoured look Ooo When I have really long flights a lot of the times my skin, even if it looks hydrated, it’s still a little bit dull from the flight and from maybe lack of sleep So, this adds a really healthy looking flesh

Now I’m going to go to the Nude Glow Illuminator side And then again, like our foundation, you just want to tap it in place This is our Wanderess Fever Face and Eye Palette I would take this shade right here and create a smokey eye because it is so beautiful So, now I’m going to take this shade, which is called Bonfire and I’m gonna start building it into my crease on the outer, like outer third of my eye to create that kind of wing effect

I’m even gonna take this shade onto my lower lash line using the flatter side This is called Glow Getter Mist It does more than set your makeup It preps your skin mid-flight You mist this on

Go for another run Another round Never have enough glow So, that’s everything That’s everything

I have to say we look pretty natural and glowing I like it I cannot believe you do that all on the plane Haha Are you ready to try it out? I don’t know

I’m excited because I think it’s gonna help in terms of not breaking out after I fly because I breakout every single time But thank you so much for showing this to me I can’t wait to hear about your trip- I know! Have so much fun in California I did it, and for the first few steps I really just couldn’t stop thinking about what all the people around me must be thinking about me like, “Is she crazy? Did she wash her hands?” I did So, that was a little bit embarrassing in the beginning, but I did kind of- I was thinking about this after, and I was like, “You know what? Why do I care what other people are thinking about me? If I’m in my seat

I’m doing my skincare If I’m not bothering anyone, why does it matter?” So, after I kind of got over that hump, I actually started to enjoy the routine Would I do this routine every time I travel? No But would I do a version of it? Yes I think that I’d probably skip some of the steps in there, maybe just cleanse, do a little moisturizer, maybe facial massage if I feel like it

The makeup was actually really nice It was nice to kind of… zhoosh myself up when I was kind of feeling like, meh I actually did really enjoy this even though it was very extra, but I don’t know, it was cool to kind of live like a model for six hours And that is it! Please let me know if there are any routines that you’d guys like me to try next in the comments below, and I will see you guys next week Bye

Thank you all so much for watching Please click here to subscribe to Refinery29 Click here to watch another video And add me on Instagram @miannechan for more beauty steps

See you next time Bye!

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