How to fake glass skin (skincare + makeup)❤️

Hello everyone, I hope you are well! In today's video I'm going to teach you how to achieve a "glass skin" appearance which basically describes healthy, super smooth and radiant skin I do not have perfect skin, at all, I've always been unsure of my acne scars

but yes We can fake a "glass skin" with the help of good skin care and natural make-up First I'm washing my face with a mild lotion

and not irritating Mine is from Senka and is called "Perfect Whip" I've always seen it through Korea and it works great on my sensitive skin type and does not leave that feeling tight or dry To stay with a truly hydrated face and also because I like to be extra I'm wearing a mask It leaves me with a healthy feeling, helps lower face temperature and this one I'm using is from "Nature Republic"

Just ensure that they scatter the remaining essence well, do not wash it and leave the mask for about 20 minutes Because I do not want to waste any of the product I pat myself to help the remaining absorption If you still feel that you are too spread by the arms or neck After using an eye cream, this is made of Jeju sea water or something like that And I feel that it helps me a lot with my dark circles

I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but I'm only 20 years old I feel I need to start to prevent wrinkles Sunscreen is required I use it every day, in summer or winter, and gives me a soft and pleasant glow I guess, to be honest, I would not even leave home without him

and this one has no oil which is very important if they have acne prone skin Moving on to makeup will start with the broker Nyx Gotcha Covered Covering any major imperfection This broker has excellent coverage so completely my dark circles Because I want to keep everything very light and natural I'm going to use a BB Cream instead of a normal base and I will quickly add dust under my eyes I could also use a base in cushion but I want to wait until I go back to Korea to buy a good brand again

Using my Peripera liptint as a blush I will apply it on my cheeks for a creamy and smooth look I will also use a cream illuminator and I will apply it in all points that the light would normally reach like the cheekbones, the nose and the upper part of the lips I think the illuminator is a very important part because that's what guarantees that kind of natural shine of the skin Normally I do not pay much attention to my eyebrows but for this video I'm arranging them just so they look decent, at least Using my Etude House pallet I will mix the first two colors on my eyelid, to a natural tone slightly rosy and I will use the golden glow in my aegyo salt and corner of the eye

I do not know, I think it gives me an appearance more agreed I do not want to take too much of my attention so the make-up in my eyes will be very simple I'll also add mascara because it makes a huge difference in my eyes I do not know what your opinion is but I love wearing my mascara daily To my lips I'll make a classic gradient that I'm sure have seen before in kpop artists or in Korean girls

I'm using my lipstick and again my liptint and I'll just end up with a bit of gloss, just because I think the brightness looks great To be sure that all the brightness stays in my face all day I'm going to use Nyx's Dewy spray This is so far my favorite and I've bought it several times I do not know but I think I really like the effect and leave my make-up on the site all day And we're done! I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and if they appreciate this kind of content do not forget to subscribe and leave a taste! I have new videos every week

It was very embarrassing for me to record this but I hope you liked it! Thank you and have a wonderful day

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