How to do Simple Makeup | Vani Bhojan’s Beauty Secret #Signature

Today I'll show you how to do simple makeup I'll tell how I do it for myself, though I'm not an expert

First, I use this concealer though many people use it after applying foundation I recommend this before applying foundation If u don't have brush no problem at all, you can use your finger to apply concealer Getting your blending right is most important for your makeup or else it looks cakey Looks bad if someone watches from up close My under eye got covered now Over the concealer, I'm applying foundation to change the shade

If you don't blend it properly, it looks cakey And you can also get Bobbi Brown, Mac, etc You'll get it in Chennai easily Important problem in foundation once you apply it doesn't suit you sometime It's fine if you have pimple or dark circle No need to cover fully to be fair see it looks like my skin doesn't look i have applied foundation

Full coverage is necessary when we have too many pimples to contour nose you can use dark shade the simple the makeup more beautiful we appear while buying it make sure to ask them for a sample they give a small container ask them otherwise they wont give it find out the right base for your skin tone You should look presentable that's important personally i wont suggest you to cover fully you will get this product in vadapalani (chennai) Make sure to choose shades correctly for your skin tone For now ill show you how to do in face but don't forget to do till neck or else there will be huge difference Never worry about the brand of eye shadows

Be careful while doing your eye shadow by yourself I don't prefer using kajal down since i have small eyes All girls like mascara because it makes the makeup fulfilled Don't over do blush, it looks silly Before using lipstick use lip balm because it doesn't make your lip dry It depends which brand your using it Which ever lipstick you like, but if you use mac it will make lips dry

For lipstick u can use any shades you like So this is the simple make up it will looks my natural skin Before applying makeup if you use sun screen not a problem Even in lip balm SPF is there Make sure to notice each product you buy it has SPF

There is no specifically you have to us this brush, you can also use beauty blender Before use this blender make it wetSo, it will bend so well we can't use it if blender is dry

Thank you so much for the supportOnly for you people i took this initiative

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