Hair Loss Treatment at Home 3 Tips, Video 4 of 30

Hair Loss Treatment at Home 3 Tips, Video 4 of 30 Many people can succeed in hair loss treatment at home for very little cost Tip 1 – Hot oil treatments are going to really benefit you in the battle against hair loss

This can be done in the privacy of your own home Find a product that contains coconut oil, sesame oil and olive oil It is going to not only relax you, it is going to keep your scalp and hair healthy Tip 2 – Make a homemade hair and scalp treatment using lime seeds and black pepper You can crush the seeds together and grind them into a fine powder

This treatment should be applied to the area on the scalp experiencing hair loss It will help stimulate blood flow and hair growth Tip 3 – Massage Aloe Vera gel into your scalp to help stop hair loss Aloe is a strong anti-inflammatory It can help rebuild and restore the PH balance of hair while sealing in necessary moisture content

It can also stimulate the growth of hair and has been used as a home remedy for Alopecia This video is one of 30 short videos, each of which provides another 3 tips for successful hair treatment Visit our Channel to see them all If you found this video useful, please don't forget to "Like" our video, and "Subscribe", and then consider watching the next video in this series!

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