Face Wash for Pimples – Ways to Stop or Cure Pimples in Tamil Beauty Tips

Face Wash for Pimples – Ways to Stop or Cure Pimples in Tamil – Beauty Tips Hello friends You are watching Tamil Beauty TV

Both men and women worry about pimples We follow many tips and cream to cure it but we may not get the results we expect With so much effort we may cure the pimples but it leaves the marks behind It creates pores in the face and spoil your beauty In this video let us see how to prevent pimples or pimple marks

Take 1 tbsp of fresh aloe vera gel If you don't have fresh aloe vera you can also use store bought aloe vera gel Aloe vera is an effective ingredient to cure pimple It prevents pimples by fighting with the pimple causing bacteria Add 3 tbsp of gram flour which acts as a cleanser, removes dead cells and impurities and prevents pimples

Mix it well Add 2- 3 drops of tea tree oil and if you don't have it you can buy through the link given in the description box Otherwise add 1 tsp potato juice and 4-5 neem leaves Squeeze half lemon in it and anti-bacterial properties present in lemon helps to cure pimple Citric acid present in lemon acts as a bleaching agent

Mix it well, put everything in a mixie jar and grind DIY face wash is ready I have used lemon in it for oily skin and add orange peel powder if you have normal skin If you wish, you can buy orange peel powder through the link given in the description box People with sensitive skin can add cucumber

If you have dry skin add almond oil instead of lemon We have given the link for buying it in the description box If you don't know your skin type, watch the video we made to know your skin type and the video link is given in the description box Both men and women can use this Wash your face with this pack in the morning as soon as you wake up and before going to bed

If you use this face pack continuously it prevents pimples and its marks You can prepare and store it in the refrigerator and use for 1 week

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