By my side: ‘You literally stayed by my side when I felt I had

The Russians would provide the armed forces (cannon fodder, although we realize the suicide in fighting back and just surrender quickly, like in the series), the Americans would be responsible for the propaganda machine necessary to make the changes digestible for the public.This is the same kind of nonsense as suggesting in 2010 that The Apprentice Trump would be President, or suggesting in 1931 that Hitler would become a German citizen, then Chancellor, then be responsible for the deaths of millions.We live in a world hellbent on its own destruction through contentment and over consumption. As much as I proud of my country for taking concrete steps in trying to avoid complete collapse of biodiversity on the planet, I very much afraid of our geographical position wedged in between 2 regimes that have little to no regard for human life (or life in general) and that possess absolute greed for wealth, regardless of how its obtained.Edit: Regardless of what you believe the future holds, the series is very much worth a viewing.SparkleFritz 3,501 points submitted 1 day agoPeople are relatively dumb, and for some reason you take power out of their hands, and it gets worse. When I worked for a movie theatre it was the worst thing in the world if power went out.

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