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Since December 2019 the world has been in the throes of grappling with the global COVID 19 pandemic. Vietnam has been managing the response and containment impressively. As country cautiously lifts the restrictions in light of recent consecutive days of no new infections and the country turns its attention to recovery, it is time to tackle the two crises in a combined effort to build back better in ways that both protect our people and our planet from COVID 19 and address the existential threat of climate change..

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Cheap Jerseys china Hi Joan what a lovely article! I also have dogs, and could really connect with your feelings both before Charlie Gator came to live with you, and after. I found myself holding my breath while you were trying to rescue Charlie from the busy street and how ingenious of you to think “what would the pack do?” I smiled as you described how happy he is to see you when you return home even if you just walked to the mailbox! I experience the same thing with my Jack and Becca. Looking forward to reading more of your stories Cheap Jerseys china.

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