Basic Skin Care Routine (TIPS FOR CLEAR SKIN!)

Hey what's up guys, it's Tiff And today I'm doing a skin care routine video for anybody who wants to know how to get clear skin and stuff

Yeah! And how to take care of your skin, take care of the acne, the pimples, the dirt, the dust, the oils, the everything that gets onto your face So, let's get into it Shall we!? You don't need more than three products, I swear Less is more Okay

That, that's a true saying It's very true Now you need to know what those products are A cleanser and a moisturizer Literally, that's all you need

And the brand of products, mine are right now are Aveeno But they depend on what you're looking for I saw this girl on Instagram, she used a charcoal cleanser by Biore Judging by the reviews, results of other people using that cleanser who have acne; they've gone a long way to clear their skin A tip when buying cleanser and moisturizer is to have what you call "salicylic acid" on it

Salicylic acid is good for your skin My cleanser and my moisturizer both have salicylic acid, but, I don't think you have to worry too much about it because literally every good product that you're buying will likely have salicylic acid Go on the Internet, research products that'll work for your skin Just because I use Aveeno doesn't mean I'll continue to use it, it doesn't mean that you have to use it And it doesn't mean

it doesn't mean ANYTHING! What matters is something that works for you So, do some research on products that will work for your skinwhat skin type you have I do this routine every night, every morning I don't skip on it If I do ever skip on this, whether I'm camping or going on vacation, or I'm traveling or whatever; I make sure I at least wash my face with water

So, another thing about having clear skin is looking at what's going on your face Are you touching your face a lot with your hands? Is your shampoo getting on your face and um, making this weird reaction to your skin causing more acne, or pimples? Do you have bangs that come down your forehead that are creating a lot of pimples? You have to find what it is about YOU that's causing you to get pimples, or acne, or whatever it is I know for me, I have a lot at the sides cos' when I'm sleeping, I sleep on my side a lot One way I remedied that is just to clean my pillowcase at least twice or once a weeksomewhere around there And the last tip is just have a healthy lifestyle Whatever it is don't be stressed, do meditation or something to get you relaxed Relax

Mentally, just relax yourself Also, have a healthy diet that contains lots of water, lots of nutrients, lots of healthy foods And also, both boys and girls can do this to help their skin It's not just a girl thing to take care of your skin So, I hope you guys enjoyed

Like the video if you found my tips and tricks helpful Subscribe to my channel for everything on health and fitness (put in a very simple way) Comment down below any skin questions you have, or any journeys you wanna share, or literally the products that you use personally I wanna, I wanna know I just

wanna know Cos' I'm bored See you guys next time peace!

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