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If you love watching Glamrs videos, and would like to be notified every time we drop a new one, please bash that bell icon below Hi, I'm Heli Vyas, and here I am today at the Glamrs office to show you'll a lovely new look that I have in mind

So, I'll be using purple, dark navy blue and light blue So, let's begin! Now that I'll be using dark colours and bright colours together, I'll be packing my under eye with powder so that I don't spoil my base Because usually all the pigments fall around this area Today, I'll be using a NYX highlighter It's got a beautiful shimmer to it and it lasts all day

Move in the direction of your eyebrow and place it right about here So now you see, when you move slightly, any light that falls on your face, it reflects it and gives a good curve to your eye Let's go in for our first colour which is going to be a deep rich purple Now, I've got it on my eyeshadow brush Here you go, and lets place it at the end of the eyelid creating a 'V' going inward into the crease Be careful and gentle with the strokes

Keep patting your brush You can see that there's like a little 'V' going in there Now, we take our blending brush and take in some more product just a little bit, not too much to make it slightly darker and we blend outwards Blending is actually fun, you have to take it slow, be easy, be patient and and your final look will turn out fabulous So, now I'm going to pull and blend till the beginning of my highlighter if you can see it touches right there

For me, I can actually pull it that far because I've got enough space between my eyelid and my brow bone area For people who've got a very compact tight space around here and don't have much area, what you'll can do is you'll can end your blending and your dark colour that you'll use on your eye just right about here within your crease and don't pull it too further, so that you'll can actually distinguish the highlighter and the shadow Next we take in our second shade which is a light beautiful sea blue And we use it on the inside corner, the lighter shade goes right in there Again, pat your colour right in the beginning

So here, use the flat eyeshadow brush to pat the product and the beautiful light blue shade Don't go all the way because there's a third colour coming up which will go right in the centre Make sure you stay right at the beginning Don't worry about placing a bit too much or less product It just has to be even because we'll be blending it all together

So people always wonder, what's the logic behind placing a light colour in the inner corner of your eye The answer is very simple It actually opens up your eye and gives a brighter look So, I'm going in for my third colour and the final one which is a dark navy blue I take it into my eyeshadow brush and pat again right in the centre between the two shades; between the purple and the light blue

So now we're placing it right in the centre after which we can blend and merge all the 3 shades creating a beautiful eyeshadow I'm going in for a second round of some eyeshadow since I want it a little more darker Lets put in our second round of dark blue So dabbing is really important and many people make this mistake where they keep dragging and pulling the product and then they wonder, "why isn't my colour showing? It's really light!" What they don't realise is they're actually dusting all of their product away instead of depositing it right on the eyelid So, as you can see, I've added all the three colours a bit more so that I can teach you'll how to blend

Lets take our blending brush What you need to do is blur the line right between both the colours And always remember, the lighter shade inside, move it towards your darker shade and then the dark blue will go into the purple So you merge and you blend So, lets begin with a felt tip liner

It's got a very sharp point So it's very easy for people who struggle with drawing their eyeliner Go thin right at the inner corner Now if it's hard, you can always take the support of your little pinky finger and place it on your cheekbone To get your perfect winged liner, stay in the line of the lower lash

So this is where it ends and that's your guideline to pull it out And then you draw it inwards reaching the rest of your liner Make the inner corner tip nice and sharp So now to finish our look, let's start with a kajal pencil And to add a little more colour to your look let's take in the light blue that we used in the inside corner

Deposit the colour right below your kajal And the last touch would be the highlighter shade that we used Use it right in the corner just right about there, to open your eye and give it a beautiful finish I'm going to use my lash curler Now I'm using the Maybelline mascara

It's called the Volume Express and it's absolutely fabulous It separates all the lashes very well and gives a very beautiful natural look So, a cool trick that you'll could use to get fuller lashes would be to use the tip and fill in the gaps if you've missed any Same goes for the lower lash So I've finished the look on one eye just to focus and show you'll how it's done

Now, I'll be going ahead and finishing the other eye to show you'll the complete look

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